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Dry Clean by Wilson

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December Tips For Dry Cleaning

  1. tuxedoYou’ve got a beautiful, hand-made table cloth with no label to determine if it should be washed or dry cleaned. You need to take it to the dry cleaner to see if it is serviceable. It’s a risk and you will need to sign for it to be cleaned.
  2. Velvet dresses must be dry cleaned, never washed.
  3. Extra large ribbon that came on a gift from last year can be ironed but you must know what the material is and use low setting on the iron to be sure you do not burn it.
  4. Man’s tuxedo needs to be altered. Dry Clean by Wilson does all alterations on clothing. Also, we repair and clean shoes.
  5. Get your drapes cleaned for the holidays.
  6. Formal gowns are cleaned and/or altered.

June Tips for Dry Cleaning


Tips for June:

  1. Try not to let stains set in your clothing. The longer the stain sets, the harder it is to remove. If it’s silk, don’t rub the stain with club soda or water because that fades the color. Bring it straight to the dry cleaners as soon as possible.
  2. Remember, 30 days is any dry cleaners limit to pick up your clothing or you may lose them. Your receipt states that and after 30 days, we’re not responsible.
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May Tips for Dry Cleaning

  1. You got your daughter’s prom gown and all the beautiful photos. Now, what to do with the gown that her prom date spilled her drink on? Don’t fret. Call Dry Clean by Wilson. We specialize in cleaning and preserving evening and wedding gowns, no matter where you live in the U.S.A. You can call us, mail the gown to us and we will clean and return the gown to you in pristine shape.
  2. MEN – Don’t have your cotton business shirts dry cleaned. Read the label. Washing in water is still the best way to clean cotton shirts. Dry Clean by Wilson will WASH and PRESS your cotton business shirts to perfection.

April tips on dry cleaning

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  1. Always read the care label BEFORE purchasing any garment to learn if it must or must NOT be dry cleaned. This will save you lots of money and heartache because if you do not know it needs to be dry cleaned only and wash the garment, it may shrink. And if you have it dry cleaned and the label reads DO NOT DRY CLEAN, you will be heartbroken, when it is destroyed at the dry cleaners.
  2. Be wary of dry cleaning garments with beading. These garments require special attention and can be ruined, if your dry cleaner is not knowledgeable about how to treat beading.

Dry Clean By Wilson

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Part of the Amwils Corporation Inc. family is our business in Sunrise, Florida – DRY CLEAN BY WILSON

This blog will feature monthly tips on what to do and not do with your clothing.

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